• What are Story Stickers?

    Story Stickers are QR code stickers that allow you to quickly and easily add audio messages or stories to tons of objects in your life. Simply scan a sticker's QR code, record your message or story, save it, and you have a recording that's ready for anyone scan and listen to! To listen to your recording, your recipient just scans the same sticker and listen to the story!

  • How Story Stickers Work

    Add audio to your book, student assignment feedback, or exhibit in seconds!


    Peel and place your sticker

    Story Stickers are available with clear or white backgrounds. Peel them from they're sheets and they're ready to use!


    Scan your sticker, record your message or story

    Use any mobile phone or tablet to scan your sticker's QR code. Record up to 10 minutes of content per sticker


    Then, scan your sticker again and listen to your message or story

    Your listener can use any mobile phone or tablet to scan your sticker's QR code. No apps to download!

  • Story Stickers in Action

    Stick one nearly anywhere to add a story!

    Easy Read-alouds

    Add Story Stickers to your child's favorite book so she can hear your read-alouds and bedtime stories again and again -- perfect for when parents aren't home or are just too tired to read that story "just one more time".

    Teacher Feedback You Can Hear

    Add Story Stickers to your students' assignments to provide detailed audio feedback -- particularly effective for foreign language, ESL/EAL, and music learners!

    Narrate Your Exhibits

    Add Story Stickers to your displays or exhibits in your home, gallery, museum, or exhibition booth. Enables cost-effective, self-guided tours, time-saving narration, and consistent product explanations.

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